Welcome to Antiquitatum (UK)

Antiquitatum have a long heritage of dealing in antiquities.

However, this site focuses and specialises on our particular expertise and  interest in clocks and watches from circa 1800 onwards.

Here is our operating promise…

  • We deliver excellent customer experience. (But don’t just accept this from us, please visit our most recent customers ‘Testimonials’ page).
  • We offer for sale the highest-quality asset and services that we can source and provide.
  • We service, repair, renovate and completely overhaul clocks and watches as necessary.
  • We offer confidential professional advice to our many clients around the world.
  • We operate (when and where we can), with a proactive and conscientious environmentally friendly footprint.
  • We offer guarantees on purchased asset.


We constantly source, prepare and ship stock all over the world, and as such, this website can only represent a portion of what we hold in stock at any given time…

Therefore, if you are looking for something particular that cannot be seen here, please do contact us in confidence to discuss your exacting requirements.

…The fact is, if we haven’t got it in stock, we can certainly source it for you through our close UK and global network of dealers and suppliers.


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