About Us:


Antiquitatum’s DNA lies in the bedrock of a successful family business that stretches back for many years, when in the late 1960’s founder Terry S. started developing his interest in, and deep passion for, clocks, watches and general antiquities. The VISION and DESIRE to create an international antiques business had commenced.

Terry grew and expanded his expertise and networks, through the buying, selling and repairing of “good old stuff” as he termed it, whilst his two young sons Mark and Richard watched-on and listened with much interest and intrigue.

Fast forward some 20 years, and by the early 1990’s, whilst operating out of two well-established antique retail outlets in Warwickshire and Coventry, the family had built-up an enviable reputation for high-quality product and customer care, with a global network of clients, suppliers and experts.

Terry continued to be a trailblazer in the sector, having become a respected and much sought-after commentator on vintage clocks and watches (and it should be noted, a very busy horological repairer and restorer), whilst also developing a deep interest in antique porcelain ware. Meanwhile, Mark had become a well-known aficionado and dealer in British military medals, books, coins and stamps, whilst Richard (a sector go-to’ man) had become a widely acknowledged expert in general antiques, with a stated passion for 18th and 19th Century European furniture and vintage cars / motorcycles. Richard also held overall responsibility at the time for running the family antiques business.

And Today:

Fast forward another couple of decades to today, and whilst the modus operandi and landscape may have changed, the DESIRE is still entrenched in Terry’s original 1960’s VISION.

Now ‘actively’ retired, Terry is still very passionate about clocks and watches and is often found in the company workshops and warehouse helping out the team, whilst Richard now lives and operates out of Asia, specialising in the markets of the Far East, with a particular emphasis on vintage European cars and motorcycles.

As for Mark, having spent a number of years in the UAE with his family, he returned home in late 2019 to take up the reigns as company CEO…Since then, he has continued to navigate and lead the business through transformation in the digital age. This, whilst always understanding and aligning to the fact that our heritage and DNA comes from being an intimate family run business!

Antiquitatum (UK) Ltd

We have evolved our systems and processes in order to be much more accessible and transparent to our global audience…The way we conduct business, the way we operate, and the way in which we engage with our customers and suppliers.

This has been supported by significant financial investment into the business, aimed at getting the brand into the hearts and minds of our stakeholders through digital connection, and includes a newly developed website and a growing, expansive and proactive emphasis on a sustainable social media presence.

Back of house, we have upgraded our secure workshop and warehouse facilities in Barnacle, Warwickshire and added a purpose built Observation Lab for testing and observing our stock. We have also refurbished our retail outlet in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, all of which allow our staff to conduct their day-to-day operations in an efficient and effective safe working environment!

“…And behind all of this, we have our key, core values!!”

  • Delivering excellent customer experience.
  • Offering for sale the highest-quality asset and services we can source and provide.
  • Operating (when and where we can), with an environmentally friendly footprint.