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Our Company name is: Antiquitatum (UK) Ltd

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All sales are deemed to take place in England and are solely governed by the law and regulations of England and Wales and are not subject to any other jurisdiction.

While every effort has been made to portray items accurately, slight variations may occur. All measurements quoted are approximate and the reproduction of colours is as accurate as photographic and publishing processes will allow.

Please note there may be variations in colours dependant on the calibration and settings of individual screens.

We strongly advise that you contact us for a shipping quote before placing your order. Please supply your full address with postal/zip code.

Due to the many variables in calculating shipping costs, e.g. size, weight, value, fragility, domestic and international deliveries, by air or sea etc., the price of items shown excludes shipping unless expressly stated in the item description. In some cases a separate shipping charge will be calculated automatically and added to the total – you can still cancel the purchase if you are not happy with the shipping price. Where no shipping price is displayed, we will contact you following your order to provide you with a shipping quotation, based on verifiable prices.

Where items are to be exported from the United Kingdom, you shall be responsible for complying with any legislation or regulations on the importation into the country of destination of the item(s) and for the payment of any duties therein. You shall indemnify Antiquitatum (UK) Ltd against any claims made against us for additional importation taxes or handling charges not included in your shipping quote that we might have to pay on your behalf.